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Haikou Project

Over the last few years, the Company had been dedicated to the construction of the Haikou Project. In December 2016, the main construction of the Haikou Project was completed. The Haikou Project is the first and only shopping centre constructed in a free trade zone in China. It is contained on a 44,020m2 property and consists of several multi-storey buildings, containing factories, warehouses, a commercial/administration building and a retail complex. The overall built up areas of these buildings is approximately 79,211m2 and is comprised of a Shopping Centre of approximately 17,941m2, Commercial and administrative space of 5,571m2, warehouses of 39,180m2 and factory space of approximately 14,290m2. The Company’s leasing business has now commenced.

Haikou Project Location

The Haikou Free Trade Zone Project (“the Haikou Project”) is located in the Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone, within the Laocheng Economic Development Zone, Haikou Master Planning and is adjacent to Macun Port. The Haikou Integrated Free Trade Zone is located 15km from the Haikou Railway South Freight Station, 42km from Meilan International Airport and 30km from downtown Haikou, Hainan Island, China.

The Haikou Free Trade Zone is the fourth free trade zone approved in China, by the Central Government. It is the first and currently the only, free trade zone that allows tourist tour programs. The Central Government approval of the Haikou Free Trade Zone is at the highest level, and incorporates the following:

  1. Imported goods bonded storage;
  2. Domestic goods get export tax rebate;
  3. The zone is tax free;
  4. Overseas trading from the zone is tax free;
  5. There are offshore banking policies in place;
  6. Tourist retail shopping; and
  7. Imported goods to the domestic market.
  8. Holds one of the two only approved diamond import licenses in China

Hainan Island was announced an ‘international tourism island’ by the Central Government in January 2010. Special policies have been announced by the Central Government to assist Hainan Island to become a world-class international tourism destination. These policies have produced some immediate benefits with the island receiving 60 million visitors in 2016, 3 million more than Hong Kong.

Haikou Project Certification

Haikou Peace Base Industry Development Co. Ltd has received the Official Inspection and Acceptance Certificate.

For further information, please visit Haikou Peace Base Industry Development Co. Ltd at